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Illustrations for new restaurant “Forbes Street” in Dublin with chef Gareth Mullins. Located in Anantara The Marker Dublin Hotel, the restaurant opened on 22 July 2023. I was asked to create the linocuts. Mr Cream is my favourite!


This is a series of Illustrations created for the fantastic Warsaw Courtyard Ballads project included vocal and ballad-making workshops led by Justyna Jary and a search for forgotten ballads under the guidance of ethnomusicologist Dr. Weronika Grozdew- Kołacińska. This project culminated on July 3rd, 2022, with a final concert at the Strefa Ciszy festival taking place at the Royal Baths Park, Warsaw. The projects intergenerational group of Varsovians performed to together with musicians from the band Alegancka Kapela, to sing old and new ballads about people and places
associated with the city.

ballady mmarta janik

kontrabas marta janik collage
skrzypce marta janik
muzyka ballady warszawa janik


I was delighted to be invited alongside by the artist Andrzej Pągowski to contribute alongside other talented artists to the 11th edition of the Gedeon Richter Artistic Calendar. The outstanding theme for the year was “Women‟s energy”, and I was tasked with creating an image for the month of February which celebrated Queen Victoria and the quality of PERSEVERANCE.

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LATA DWUDZIESTE – Illustrations for the Report (January 2022)

raport climate change Janik
strona 1
climate change marta janik
rys historyczny marta janik
marta janik lata dwudzieste klimat


The School of Ecopoetics operates within the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw, and I was a student of the first edition of this new programme held in 2020/2021. The aim of the School of Ecopoetics is to create and consolidate a deep ecological competence, and to guide its students towards formulating formulate new types of language with which to speak about their environment, ecology and ecological events. Active classes and experiential exercises formed an extremely important part of this programme. I created this specific Collage the end of the academic year to document our experiences and learning.

Ekopoetyka szkola ekopoetyki janik


This is Map of Neverland, created for the play “Piotruś Pan i Jakub Hak” which premiered at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow on October 29th, 2020 (directed by Magdalena Miklasz).

Nibylandia Marta Janik Teatr Slowackiego


Przekroj Marta Janik luty
collage “February” 2018, appeared on the website of the magazine and on the FB page

2018: „Przekrój”, Summer 2018, 7 (3562) (collages):

Kula Ziemska marta janik
Garbage was the topic of this edition
Tea Kowalska Marta Janik
llustration of Magdalena Grzebałkowska’s article “Zbiory Kory”

2018: „Przekrój”, Spring 2018, 6 (3561) (collages):

wiosna przekroj marta janik


krew marta janik przekroj
Tematem numeru była krew
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