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“When something pops into your eye, remember that it’s a bit of the cosmos.” Julian Tuwim

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Bits of the Cosmos

Here you can buy pieces of the cosmos, sky, stars and sunsets. The determining qualities of these artworks are beauty, humor and a good time.
The Mushroom People are in charge of my store, under management of the famous Baba with Fish. (From time to time when she is on holidays, she is replaced by Mr. Raspberry). Watch out for the other patrons, they are whistling Gorillas.

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Collages, Linocuts, Portraits…
Who knows what you might find? Go searching for Mushrooms, meet smiling Whales traveling through the oceans of the cosmos, Sharks in pink dresses, an Okapi with the head
of a toucan, Mr. Raspberry and other colourful characters!

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T4M5212 Edit

Collage is not everything

I also eat cookies.

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Baba z ryba tatuaz

BABA with fish

Who am I?

Well, first I was cut out of an old photo…

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