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Paris! B…m….l….ch….!

“But Paris is a real ocean. You can throw a probe into it; you will never know its depth. Cross it, describe it; no matter how you run it and describe it, no matter how numerous and zealous the explorers of this sea, there will always be some pristine retreat, an unknown depth, flowers, pearls, monsters, something unheard of, forgotten by literary divers.” Honoré de Balzac, Father Goriot (I have been reading Balzac passionately for years; this time I went back to ‘Father Goriot’, which I first read when I was 17). (I am not sure about this translation, if you have a perfect one, let me know. I found the other like this: “But then Paris is in truth an ocean that no line can plumb.”)

I came to Paris for the CutOut festival, taking place simultaneously in Kiev and Paris. The theme of the festival is ‘Freedom’.

I visited Le Bonheur gallery (its name is ‘Happiness Is In The Moment’) and also – a wonderful coincidence – spent a Dada evening in Montmartre celebrating the release of the next issue of Maintenant Magazine published by Three Rooms Press in NYC, which also featured one of my collages.

And below some small testimonies of my run. Victor Hugo’s house, the Museum d’Orsay…. hours of wandering…

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With Xavier Gras, the owner of the gallery
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The chinese room at Vicor Hugo’s Apt

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at Victor Hugo’s
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The best french fries in the city!!
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And this I do for the love of van Gogh. Well, I just always have to. And in addition he accompanied me almost in the flesh!
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Le Chat Noir, Muzeum d’Orsay
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With Peter Carlaftes, founder of Three Rooms Press (together with Kat Georges), poet
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