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A poem – definition of collage

I don’t know how long I collected the right words, but it was a long time. Until I finally put it together. A poem-definition of a collage.

Stories told a few steps away from reality
the weirder the weirder
a mishmash
the world and what’s in your head
an experiment in fairy-tale character
full of contradictions
directing the movement of pleasure
according to the rules of surprise
from cactus to flying to the moon
unpredictable ideas in relationships with an enthusiastic heart
Combining imaginative feelings with the realism of madness
the perfect combination?
Integrating diverse elements
a lot of surprise
a way of shocking
the composition becomes independent
relies on exploration
connects brings you closer helps means
suggests what can be done
by studying oneself
explanation can be difficult
the fashion for upside-down realities
a tangled tendency to escape
a new life.

kolaz wiersz

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