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Hospital for garden gnomes

Marta Janik krasnal

What is this lipstick? Drama! And I’m afraid it’s not lipstick at all but a nasty nail polish with which someone wanted to restore the dwarf’s natural lip color! I found this ambassador of kitsch on… Allegro (polish ebay). He spent 5 years in a German garden, and I must confess that it was quite a harsh captivity for him. He got not only the awful mouth, but – above all – the rotten face.
Here is Siegfried. My garden gnome or rather my home gnome!
I saw the poor guy and decided to help him. After a few days of convalescence, he looked divine. And he is probably the only dwarf who is wearing a beautiful navy blue suit with gold piping. In addition, he also has a brand-new kagome (the light!) of education (sic!).

krasnal ogrodowy janik

Siegfried was followed by Wilhelm, found in a flea market near Kutno. With a broken leg. But he caught a goldfish!


You are probably tempted to ask about these names? That the German ones? It’s because of tradition. After all, the first garden gnome was produced in Thuringia in 1872. Shortly after the creation of this figurine, a manufactory was established in the village of Grafenroda, in the district of Gotha, to produce dwarves on a mass scale.
I would like to inform everyone that I run a HOSPITAL for garden gnomes. Do you know a gnome who has declined in health? Could he use a facelift? Does he need new clothes? I will be happy to take care of him! I look forward to all gnomes in need with open hands!

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Write to me

Do you have a gnome who needs a facelift or new clothes?

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