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Thefts of Baba with a fish

Increasingly, I am being told that Baba with a fish design is being stolen and others are making money from it. Unfortunately, in a clash with companies from China, for example, I stand no chance. In general, this is an important question: do I have any chance in this battle? How do I enforce a Turkish company not to sell bags with my design? More than 30 % of the products in their online shop have the print Baba with a fish on them.

That’s why, for example, I recently made a zine to show how I created Baba with a fish, I want Baba to be associated with me, with my creativity.

Read about Baba with a fish

What makes me happy is the fact that people I don’t know write to me to let me know about all the thefts. Thank you to all of You!

If you want an original print of Baba, if you want to support me, if you like what I do, take a look at my shop. This website is the only place on the internet where you can find an original Baba.

Buy the print of Baba

Thank you! And please don’t buy products from thieves!

Those pages stole Baba with a fish:

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